Remove internal self-doubt

One of the biggest hurdles that people often face is internal negative thoughts. This may be because a mistake has been made at work, or someone has said something unkind, or the perceived required task is too hard – the list goes on…

Nothing is gained by beating yourself up internally.

The trick is to acknowledge your concern or problem – and learn from it – and then make the conscious decision to move on from it the next morning.

Step 1: go for a run or walk and clearly articulate the problem that is causing the self-doubt.

Step 2: identify the impact (external to you) and consider if you can learn anything from it.

Step 3: own your mistake. People will respect you more when you acknowledge that you have made a mistake. This can be as simple as “Whoopsie, my bad! I certainly won’t be doing that again!” or the more formal “That was totally my mistake, note to self, don’t do that again next time.” Nobody is expected to be perfect and we continue to learn until the day we die. So, its ok to let others know that you too can improve yourself.   

Step 4: consider if others will think about it anymore than you have. Noting that when it comes down to it – nobody has spare time in their life to consider the mini-mishaps of others for very long.

Step 5: do not to dwell! The key tip here – is to be continually mindful of your internal negative thoughts. Stop them before they take hold.

Step 6: if required, rectify the concern or problem with an action. But do this swiftly and then stop thinking about it. Because otherwise it is a waste of your energy and it uses up positive productive mind space.


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